Dec. 30, 2022

EP.48 FAILURE ISN'T AN OPTION with Louis Perry

What an inspirational conversation with the one and only...Louis Perry!!

Get your copy of "Failure Isn't an option" The Louis Perry Story

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What an inspirational conversation with the one and only...Louis Perry!!

Get your copy of "Failure Isn't an option"  The Louis Perry Story




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So easy to get distracted these days.

With the world going through such a drastic shift how do we keep our focus?

In this podcast you will hear from host Alex Rose and co-host Thomas Solano, fellow entrepreneurs that have dealt getting distracted and learned how to pivot to gain traction in their lives. This podcast is for the up and coming entrepreneur, work-preneur, that is hungry and wants to hear from someone ‘growing’ through DISTRACTION.




We are very excited to have you with us!

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Louis PerryProfile Photo

Louis Perry


I have provided security for the elite, high profile individuals such as politicians, former presidents, court security details, personal protection, and more. I am a security expert for CBS2, KCAL9, KZLA News. I have been featured in over 90 publications in the United States.

Under the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services, I have obtained my guard card and firearm permit. In addition to my licenses for security I also attained a concealed firearm permit from the states of Utah and Nevada.. I am also a proud member of Homeland Security, Hollywood Security Business and InfraGard. I am not only committed to the security industry, but also to my community. I have served on Sylmar’s Neighborhood Council in Public Services for 5 years, President of North Point Sylmar Development for 3 years and currently the Delegate for Stevenson Ranch, California. I also the Chairperson for the Stevenson Ranch Neighborhood Watch Program. Boxing has been part of my leisure and have served as a Director for The World Boxing Hall of Fame for 2 years. I am currently an Inspector for the California State Athletic Commission.
The President of Kadima Security, with over 30 years of industry experience.
I am a man with many blessings; I have never forgotten where I came from. The Los Angeles Unified School District and Beyond the Bell, has given me the opportunity to give back by reaching out to children through motivational speeches. I have been selected as “Most Admired CEO” by the Los Angeles Business Journal. You can also find videos of my interviews on YouTube.

Itibari Zulu Jr.Profile Photo

Itibari Zulu Jr.

Founder Truth Legacy

Itibari Zulu, Jr., was born in Fresno, California. When he was a child, he studied martial arts. As he grew older, he realized that the discipline he learned, the ability to focus, and the accomplishments he attained because of his competitiveness were attributes that were needed later in life. The habits being formed as he studied marital arts became a part of who he was. As he continued studying, he got better. In fact, as an adult, his hard work payed off. He competed in state, national, and world tournaments and won many fights. His calm, focused demeanor, and his will to win would leave anyone he meets with a lasting impression.
When he was an adult, he graduated from both the Antelope Valley College in Lancaster, as well as CSUN, in Northridge, California. His bachelor’s degree is in Psychology, which makes him well rounded, and able to engage with anyone he meets.
Itibari is a family man who enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife Tina, and three children. In fact, he’s also in business with his wife, and many other family members.
His faith, family, and business are the three things which occupy his time. As an entrepreneur, he enjoys the freedom of being a successful business owner. Having worked for other companies, he appreciates the freedom that it affords him. He has multiple offices, clients, and business partners throughout the nation. He is highly regarded in his industry, and loves being able to serve the communities he’s helped.
He said it best, when he stated,”I never thought that I would be in the financial industry, but shortly after getting involved, I realized that guiding people, solving challenging problems, helping people experience breakthroughs, and getting to the next level was something that I love.
I am a family man. Family is the most important thing to me right now. Most people work hard for their families, so it makes sense to cater towards helping them. My ideal scenario is operating family life, and running business around my family life. The system that I was introduced to, the environment here, it teaches us the order in which to base our priorities. Faith. Family, and then the business, but also run them simultaneously.”