March 16, 2021

EP.9 Building Wealthy Relationships w/Nelly Johnson

EP.9 Building Wealthy Relationships w/Nelly Johnson
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OUR FIRST GUEST!! Ask Nelly Next level Relationship Talk with, Relationship specialist Nelly Johnson. GETTING CHEATED ON SUCKS!! but have you ever wondered the real reason why? In this episode Nelly Johnson talks about taking a introspective look at why some people get cheated on in a relationship. She shot her shot but you didn’t notice.. Are women more comfortable making the first move? Do men have a tough time noticing when women are interested in them? Nelly Johnson drops some gems for the fellas to notice. We go the the doctor for a check up, we check our kids homework, we check our food before we eat it, we check up on our friends to see if they are doing ok, but how often are we doing our own RELATIONSHIP CHECKUP? Do you think a relationship checkup is necessary? Learn a great tip on a tool that re-save a relationship before it NEEDS saving CHECK THIS OUT! Full episodes out tomorrow on all major platforms! #nopressurenodiamonds WHATS YOUR OPINION? LETS WIN TOGETHER LETS WORK TOGETHER LETS THRIVE TOGETHER We are very excited to have you with us! Full Episodes on Spotify FULL VISUALS ON YOUTUBE: https://open.spotify.com/show/6c50U7xtGJWtScHySkSQMZ?si=ngB00EdNScaAOPJ9qSK_7Q CONNECT WITH US ALEX ROSE INSTAGRAM https://instagram.com/alexstayready THOMAS SOLANO INSTAGRAM https://instagram.com/thomas.solano NELLY JOHNSON INSTAGRAM https://instagram.com/ask_nelly?igshid=ows08ri3p3r PLEASE GIVE US FEEDBACK COMMENT SUBSCRIBE LIKE SHARE --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/nopressurenodiamonds/support
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Relationship Coach / Therapist / Entrepreneur